Healthy Weight Loss Principles: Discipline and Commitment for Success

Losing healthy weight(FAT) can be challenging, but not impossible. Even if you say I can’t commit to regular exercise, this doesn’t mean you can’t lose fat. However, it does take discipline and commitment(NOT PERFECTION) to achieve your health goals. Here are some basic principles that can help get you there.
1. Control your portion sizes-this is a must!!!! Eating smaller portions more frequently(every 3-4 hours helps stimulate your metabolic rate). Intermittent fasting is another topic for another day.
2. Stay hydrated. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day
3.Eat nutrient dense foods-low in calories, high in nutrients(fruits,veggies,lean proteins)
4.Stay away from processed foods!!!!! Shop the perimeter of the grocery store….chances are if its in a box, its not a good choice
5.Adequate sleep is essential…without sleep your body increases its cortisol production which increases blood sugar levels and leads to weight gain( more about the importance of sleep in future blogs)
6.Avoid drinks with sugar or artificial sweeteners(sugar for obvious reasons; artificial sweeteners for the inflammation issues they cause in the gut and weight gain issues they create.
7.increase protein -keeps you full for longer periods of time and promotes muscle growth
8. Dont eat late at night( really it should be only eat protein if you must eat later; carbs will just get stored as fat if not utilized)
9.KEEP A FOOD DIARY-tracking calories and percentages of macronutrients is your best educational tool ). This may seem cumbersome at first, but most apps keep previous foods imported. My experience is that most patients dont deviate that much in what they eat, making this process super easy after 30 days….Remember this doesnt mean you can’t treat yourself, in fact, my clinic teaches you how to cheat, but the 90/10 rule applies…90% of the time you need to behave….
*****We teach so many secrets that other clinics dont want you to know. They are based upon a “volume mentality”. They claim to customize your plan and claim there’s is medically supervised….in fact, most clinics see 100 or more per day. We limit our number of weight loss patients, so that I personally can see you the majority of times and truly customize a plan for you. I am not trying to create a revolving door…I want you to get healthy and stop the madness of yo-yo dieting!!!!

Optimizing Pre-Workout Nutrition: Fueling Your Body for Best Performance

What should I eat before I workout? This is another popular question from patients on a regular basis. Often patients say they can’t eat before working out. I believe this is more of a timing issue and what they eat. For those with truly sensitive stomachs, eating one hour prior is probably best. That will allow for most of the food ingested to be passed beyond the anatomical spot that will make you feel “weighted down” or even develop nausea. Fueling yourself before a workout will provide you with the necessary nutrients and energy to help you perform best. Carbohydrates that are COMPLEX can really help prevent the crash. However, I’m a stickler here because the last thing I want to do is carb load. A simple piece of fruit( I prefer a small banana) should prevent my body from sending my blood sugar high and allows my body some fuel so I dont use the muscle I’m trying to create, to break down for energy. I also advise some protein prior to a workout for the same reason. This can be done with chicken or eggs for example. I, however prefer to use a product called LEAN which contains BCAA’s(branched chain amino acids). Each one of these capsules is the equivalent to 1oz of chicken. LEAN helps promote muscle growth, cuts down on carb cravings and promotes thermogenesis( fat burning).
Equally important to nutrition with regards to your workout, is HYDRATION. Preloading, drinking water throughout your workout , and after can make all the difference. If you are weight training primarily there is argument about electrolyte replacement. I personally find that using HYDRATE really helps prevent fatigue during my workout and allows me to recover quicker. There is no added sugar to HYDRATE and the electrolyte balance is a perfect 1:1:1:1 ratio of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. There are antioxidants and Vitamin B1, B2, and C added. There are no artificial colors or flavors added and it contains coconut powder.
So, appropriate pre workout nutrition and hydration are important in helping you achieve your wellness goals. However, since not everyone will respond the same, its important you use the above principles to determine what will work best for you.

Essential Fiber-Rich Foods for Better Digestion and Health

Fiber should be an essential component of everyone’s nutritional plan. Fiber helps regulate digestion, lower cholesterol levels, and maintain good sugar control. Foods rich in fiber include:

1. Legumes and beans: need to watch the quantity with these to prevent consuming excessive carbohydrate(a half a cup of black beans is 20g of carbs),but fiber is 16gm per cup.Examples include lentils, black beans, chickpeas

2. Whole grains: These include whole grain bread ,brown rice,quinoa, barley and oats. I am not a big fan of this group mostly because of the way they are processed( a conversation for another day)and the amount of carbs is still an issue for many. My ID LIFE DNA told me my sensitivity to carbs was low as long as I keep them COMPLEX which these are, but I’m still careful to lower my carb intake on non cardio days. Others will find from their DNA that they have a high sensitivity to carbs and must really limit them.

3. Fruits: Berries, apples ,pears,bananas,oranges, and avocado are excellent sources of fiber> Again I prefer berries and apples because they are lower on the glycemic index(raise sugar less-my DNA told me I’m very sensitive to sugar). Ave 3-8 g of fiber per serving

4. Veggies: broccoli,kale,spinach, are good sources of fiber as well

5.Nuts and seeds: Good source of fiber especially almonds, chia and flax….2-3grams of fiber per ounce

On average, it is advised that men should take in 35g of fiber per day and women 25g/day.

The Pros and Cons of Black Coffee: What You Need to Know

Black coffee…Good for you? Well…… remember I am discussing black coffee here. No sugar, milk, cream or whatever other yummies you might add. As with anything in life, there are risks and benefits…

1.Antioxidant properties: Rich in antioxidants( one is chlorogenic acid)that decrease inflammation in the body. Some of theses antioxidants have been shown to protect against cardiovascular disease and even some cancers. Some studies show that consumption of black coffee reduces the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and even Parkinson’s disease.

2.Increased alertness and focus: some studies even show improvement in cognitive performance.

3. Enhanced physical performance and endurance and can increase the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel

4.Weight management. Works for appetite suppression, increases metabolic rate, and as previously mentioned, can stimulate thermogenesis( body’s burning of calories -fat loss)


1. Caffeine sensitivity: Some people are sensitive to the effects of the caffeine and this can lead to anxiety, insomnia , increased heart rate ,irritability and digestive issues. My IDLIFE DNA results told me to keep my intake under 200mg of caffeine per day and this has prevented any adverse reactions from caffeine.

2.Can cause teeth staining and enamel erosion

3. Digestive issues: reflux(heart burn), ulcers

4.Has interactions with certain meds and medical conditions causing patients to limit caffeine consumption

*****Personally, caffeine has been a rollarcoaster ride for me. When I was younger, I could drink huge amounts of caffeine without any ill effects. As I have matured(sounds so much better), my sensitivity to caffeine has changed my consumption. Caffeine consumption, for me , has/had created none of the ill effects I described above. Instead, my major side effect to caffeine is brain fog and headache. Two changes have made these not occur. I keep my caffeine consumption below 200mg per day and switched my morning routine to taking an IDLIFE product called Energy. Why Energy? This is not just about caffeine. Yes it contains caffeine…. 75mg is immediately released and 75mg is encapsulated and released over 4-6 hours. So there is no crash or jitteriness associated with it. I believe the L theanine and taurine which have a “ calming effect”on the nervous system plays a role here.However, there is much more. There are ingredients like Acetyl L carnitine, Alpha Lipoic acid,N Acetyl L Tyrosine, GABA that enhance focus and cognition. I take this every am and in 5 minutes, I’m awake and able to begin my work day.

Personalized Carb Sensitivity: Unlocking Optimal Nutrition for Your Body

F/U complex carb post…How do you know how sensitive to carbs you are? Is keto the right way to go? The roadmap to understanding what percentage of carbs should be apart of your total calories can be obtained from a simple cheek swab. While my DNA results said I can have 45-65% of my calorie intake come from carbs, I know from personal experimentation, that my number is closer to 40%. However, on the days I do little to no cardio, I back it down to 35% and make them all complex carbs….that is key!!!! The other key is that I must keep my sugar intake below 36 g/day. My DNA also told me I had a low sensitivity to fat, but I was very sensitive to saturated fat. While my DNA showed I could consume 35-45% of my total calories from “good fat”, my experience tells me to keep it closer to 30%. However, less than 10% of my total calories can come from saturated fat. This is very difficult to do and it is my downfall, since 2 of my favorite foods are cheese and ice cream. What also stinks, but makes sense, is that for years I have tried to regularly “cheat” on my nutritional intake and make up for it in the gym. My DNA told me NO WAY…that wont work …you see I lose fat predominantly by what I consume. My fat is peripheral mostly which means it lies on top of the muscle. Therefore, exercise helps burn it,but by itself wont get the job done.

Another key is carbohydrate intake timing. I try to ingest the majority of my carbs earlier in the day so I have the ability to use them. I try and finish my carb intake by 7p. This way, they aren’t just “hanging around” and my body wont store them as glycogen or fat.

Another key is to try and ingest carbs with a protein or fat source. This will prevent the glucose(sugar) from rising too quickly which leads to an insulin spike. What we want is a slow rise to allow the body to process and utilize the sugar ingested.

Turmeric: A Super Spice for Health and Longevity

Turmeric is a spice that has been used for centuries by Asians in cooking. Curcumin is the most active ingredient in turmeric. Turmeric contains both anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties and as a result, has been labeled as a super food by many nutritionalists. Oxidative stress has been associated with the aging process and many chronic diseases. In addition, many longterm diseases, such as heart disease, are associated with chronic inflammation. Therefore, the supplementation of turmeric into your nutritional plan may help slow down the aging process and decrease the progression of disease as a result of these anti inflammatory and anti oxidative properties. Tumeric can be found in powder form or as apart of ID Nutrition.

A Nutritional Powerhouse: Almonds and Their Health Benefits

Are almonds good for you?

Yes they are, but like most things, too much of a good thing is not so good!!!! You should limit your portion size to a handful per day which is usually 10-24 almonds). The health benefits are enormous…..

1.Helps fight obesity by reducing food cravings
2. Loaded with antioxidants to improve immune function and prevent premature aging
3. High in magnesium which helps stabilize insulin levels and prevent diabetes
4. High in Vitamin E: helps prevent heart disease
5.Lowers cholesterol: helps prevent heart disease
6. Helps regulate blood pressure: reduces heart disease
7. Reduces incidence of osteoporosis
8. Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease(maintains brain health)
9. Improves skin health

Boosting Testosterone Naturally: Tips for Increasing Levels and Enhancing Vitality

Can I do anything to increase my testosterone levels?

Yes, it is possible through some natural methods. Before doing anything, its important to know what your levels are. This can be difficult to understand. A true low T is below 300. However, that’s not to say that you individually may notice signs/symptoms of low T at levels higher than this. Personally, I dont believe most should receive exogenous testosterone(via gels, injections) if their level is above this and that is the general consensus. There are some instances where I have done this, but the rationale goes beyond the scope of this post.

Here are some possible ways to raise your body’s own production of T:

1.Maintain a healthy weight( obesity lowers T levels)
2.Exercise regularly( HIIT training is particularly helpful)
3 GET YOUR SLEEP!!!!! Sleep is important for hormone production(7-8 hours is recommended)
4.Reduce stress!!!! Practice stress reducing techniques like meditation or do spiritual reading)
5. Consider supplements designed to boost free testosterone….I have used ID LIFE’s Vitality with tremendous success…boosted my T by 75 points and I could definitely tell

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Finding Clean and Pure Water: Navigating Tap, Filtered, and Bottled Options

What is the best type of water to drink? Obviously, we need to drink water free of contaminants and that is clean and pure. While tap water meets safety standards set by government agencies, some tap water does contain fluoride, lead, arsenic and chlorine. Filtered water is generally free from contaminants but even this varies widely depending upon the type of system used. Home reverse osmosis units tend to be the best systems available and even these vary widely. In general, they remove 1000’s of contaminants including mercury, sulfur, arsenic, lead, and fluoride. They also remove bacteria, parasites and viruses. Studies show a 93% higher cancer rate in those individuals who drink chlorinated water. No matter how well the water is treated by the municipality, it still needs to be transported through pipes that often reintroduce harmful contaminants. Also, contaminants from the environment, including pesticides creep into the water supply creating further concerns. Bottled water has become extremely popular, but is not the most environmentally friendly way to proceed. While most bottled water comes from natural springs or undergoes RO treatment, it may contain harmful chemicals , like phthalates, from the plastic packaging. Finally, I know many taught the value of alkaline water, however, to date, there is limited scientific evidence to support these claims…soooooo just some water for thought….

Debunking the One Meal a Day Myth: Sustainable Weight Loss Through Balanced Nutrition and Hydration

Another popular clinic topic is only eating one meal per day….I explain that while initially this might stimulate one’s metabolic rate, but sustaining this is almost impossible. Either the patient will give up from sheer hunger or they will realize they are depriving themselves of essential nutrients. This will inevitably result in either muscle wasting( a horrific and NOT healthy way to lose weight) or tremendous fat gain as the body is forced to store fat to preserve itself…this is the starvation mode phenomenon…eat less and gain more weight/fat. Fat loss is best achieved by,” feeding the body you want, and hydrating the body you have.” This means that your calorie intake is best determined by what you want your weight to be. Once you feed the body that way, it turns on a switch and metabolically it goes that way….Seems too simple? That’s what weight loss clinics want you to believe… they never teach you what you need to know for long term success….they create a revolving door. Pinsky Medical Weight Loss has never been about that. We limit the number of weight loss patients we see to provide you the time you need to teach you how to achieve long term success. No gimmicks…just proven science…oh and the hydration part? Drink 1/2 your CURRENT body weigh in ounces of water…that will also aid in burning fat…..more tips to follow