Debunking the One Meal a Day Myth: Sustainable Weight Loss Through Balanced Nutrition and Hydration

Another popular clinic topic is only eating one meal per day….I explain that while initially this might stimulate one’s metabolic rate, but sustaining this is almost impossible. Either the patient will give up from sheer hunger or they will realize they are depriving themselves of essential nutrients. This will inevitably result in either muscle wasting( a horrific and NOT healthy way to lose weight) or tremendous fat gain as the body is forced to store fat to preserve itself…this is the starvation mode phenomenon…eat less and gain more weight/fat. Fat loss is best achieved by,” feeding the body you want, and hydrating the body you have.” This means that your calorie intake is best determined by what you want your weight to be. Once you feed the body that way, it turns on a switch and metabolically it goes that way….Seems too simple? That’s what weight loss clinics want you to believe… they never teach you what you need to know for long term success….they create a revolving door. Pinsky Medical Weight Loss has never been about that. We limit the number of weight loss patients we see to provide you the time you need to teach you how to achieve long term success. No gimmicks…just proven science…oh and the hydration part? Drink 1/2 your CURRENT body weigh in ounces of water…that will also aid in burning fat…..more tips to follow