Pinsky’s 4 Essential Daily Exercises for Strength and Mobility

People are always saying, “ I dont have time to workout”. While I truly believe this is just an excuse( lifestyle changes need to be made), I do understand that sometimes all of us have issues with consistency. Life does seem to get in the way and can be overwhelming. In an attempt to keep it simple, if you could only do 4 exercises everyday, what should you do. I spent a lot of time thinking about function and maintaining independence as we age. Once we lose the ability to get out of a chair and remain mobile, we are in trouble. So how can we prevent this aging process and how can we sustain and even grow muscle mass with limited time?

If you can only do a limited amount each day, say 15-20 min,these are the essential exercises you should do DAILY!!!!!
1.Squats-these are a fantastic way to strengthen your legs, glutes, back and core and improve balance
2.Push-ups- these will work your chest, shoulders and triceps( arm muscle)-improves upper body strength
3.Planks-a great exercise for strengthening the core, arms and legs. This helps improve core stability which protects your back
4.Lunges-a great lower body exercise for all the muscles of the legs, glutes and core; aids in balance training

*****these are a START to improving overall body strength; obviously if your goal is to reduce significant body fat and grow muscle mass, your program will look much different….
The key…..start moving!!!!!!!!

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