Healthy Weight Loss Principles: Discipline and Commitment for Success

Losing healthy weight(FAT) can be challenging, but not impossible. Even if you say I can’t commit to regular exercise, this doesn’t mean you can’t lose fat. However, it does take discipline and commitment(NOT PERFECTION) to achieve your health goals. Here are some basic principles that can help get you there.
1. Control your portion sizes-this is a must!!!! Eating smaller portions more frequently(every 3-4 hours helps stimulate your metabolic rate). Intermittent fasting is another topic for another day.
2. Stay hydrated. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day
3.Eat nutrient dense foods-low in calories, high in nutrients(fruits,veggies,lean proteins)
4.Stay away from processed foods!!!!! Shop the perimeter of the grocery store….chances are if its in a box, its not a good choice
5.Adequate sleep is essential…without sleep your body increases its cortisol production which increases blood sugar levels and leads to weight gain( more about the importance of sleep in future blogs)
6.Avoid drinks with sugar or artificial sweeteners(sugar for obvious reasons; artificial sweeteners for the inflammation issues they cause in the gut and weight gain issues they create.
7.increase protein -keeps you full for longer periods of time and promotes muscle growth
8. Dont eat late at night( really it should be only eat protein if you must eat later; carbs will just get stored as fat if not utilized)
9.KEEP A FOOD DIARY-tracking calories and percentages of macronutrients is your best educational tool ). This may seem cumbersome at first, but most apps keep previous foods imported. My experience is that most patients dont deviate that much in what they eat, making this process super easy after 30 days….Remember this doesnt mean you can’t treat yourself, in fact, my clinic teaches you how to cheat, but the 90/10 rule applies…90% of the time you need to behave….
*****We teach so many secrets that other clinics dont want you to know. They are based upon a “volume mentality”. They claim to customize your plan and claim there’s is medically supervised….in fact, most clinics see 100 or more per day. We limit our number of weight loss patients, so that I personally can see you the majority of times and truly customize a plan for you. I am not trying to create a revolving door…I want you to get healthy and stop the madness of yo-yo dieting!!!!

The Importance of Complex Carbs for Weight Loss

Another popular question in the weight/fat loss clinic is should I eat fruit daily… while I know the popular consensus is to avoid carbs, the real thought process should be avoidance of SIMPLE carbs. The importance of complex carbs in ones overall nutritional program cannot be overstated. Many fruits and veggies provide this…for the sake of this short blog, lets just say that even my diabetics should be taking in fruits on as daily basis. Again, we are talking complex carbs here. Remember, diabetics and obese people likely didn’t become that way because they ate fruit. When to take these carbs in and how to combine these carbs, is a conversation for another day. Also, daily movement is key!!!! Help the body utilize those carbs to keep sugar storage low(glycogen) and prevent the body from using your muscle for energy. Teach the body to burn fat!!!! It wants to burn fat (9cal/g vs 4 cal/g for protein and carbs). Why do I have to TEACH my body to do it? You haven’t given your body a reason to believe you will fuel it appropriately. Once you do, you will reset your metabolic rate and you will stop storing fat….Give yourself 28 days to change your brain chemistry and your cravings for “bad food” will definitely decrease and most likely go away.

Make it simple….dont buy the hype and craziness of all the fads…. Start with the basics…. Create balance….

1.Detox and cleanse….need to get the junk out the way as you replace it with great nutrition
2.Get sleep …shoot for 7-8 hours per night
3.Hydrate….drink 1/2 your current body weight in ounces of water(if you weigh 200lbs, drink 100oz water)
4.micro nutrition… take science derived supplements( vitamins and minerals)
-focus for the first 28 days on avoiding SUGAR and simple processed carbs that come in a box(shop the perimeter of the grocery store)
-limit alcohol consumption( I didn’t say you need to eliminate-remember alcohol can have LOTS OF CARBS)
-Fill in the gaps( use shakes to provide quality calories and quality PROTEIN)
-just start moving….dont make it overwhelming…just do the exercise you’re willing to do!!!!!

******This is a part of the roadmap to success… the other is to use science to streamline the process

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