Boosting Testosterone Naturally: Tips for Increasing Levels and Enhancing Vitality

Can I do anything to increase my testosterone levels?

Yes, it is possible through some natural methods. Before doing anything, its important to know what your levels are. This can be difficult to understand. A true low T is below 300. However, that’s not to say that you individually may notice signs/symptoms of low T at levels higher than this. Personally, I dont believe most should receive exogenous testosterone(via gels, injections) if their level is above this and that is the general consensus. There are some instances where I have done this, but the rationale goes beyond the scope of this post.

Here are some possible ways to raise your body’s own production of T:

1.Maintain a healthy weight( obesity lowers T levels)
2.Exercise regularly( HIIT training is particularly helpful)
3 GET YOUR SLEEP!!!!! Sleep is important for hormone production(7-8 hours is recommended)
4.Reduce stress!!!! Practice stress reducing techniques like meditation or do spiritual reading)
5. Consider supplements designed to boost free testosterone….I have used ID LIFE’s Vitality with tremendous success…boosted my T by 75 points and I could definitely tell

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