Fueling Your Day: The Importance of a Balanced Breakfast – Exploring ID Life’s Nurish ID

ID Life’s Pre-launch weight/fat loss suggestion: What’s for breakfast?

I know there will be lots of ‘discussion’ about this, but whether you practice intermittent fasting (12/12 or 16/8)  or not, I’m a firm believer that how you start your day matters!!! You need portion controlled fuel to get started . This lets your body know you will provide for its metabolic needs that day and sends a signal that its ok to churn and burn( speeds up your metabolic rate). I believe in a balance of protein and complex carbs. A small amount of healthy fat is ok but not necessary.(very small, like the size of your thumb). An example, could be a veggie omelette with some fruit on the side. My personal favorite is a well balanced protein shake( not all are created equal; this matters ALOT). My personal choice is ID Life’s Nurish ID( I use one scoop of vanilla cookie and 1 scoop of Brownie Batter) with 1/2 banana, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a scoop of collagen+ from ID Life as well.